Monday, 5 March 2012

EVALUATION of title sequence

In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms of conventions of real life media products?

When planning our title sequence we had to consider the codes and conventions. We did some research into what they would be. We then looked at codes and conventions typical to the genre of our choice. This was in order to help us when it came to making our own title sequence, which we found useful to know, as we then had to apply these codes and conventions to the genre of our title sequence and make sure that they were included within.
we found that the codes and conventions of a title sequence which were the following:

- Details of cast and crew (we included this through the sequence)

- The films title (we included this.> ("reflection")

- An intro to the character or character type (we included this >the little girl Rosie a troubled child)

- Indication of place (we included this > the girls house)

- Indication of historical period (we included this > modern 20th century)

- Information regarding mood and tone (we included this scary eery strange atmosphere quite physiological)

- Introduction to signature theme tune (we included this > our music we made in garage band which was the theme tune)

- Information about genre (we included this > lighting music etc suggests a thriller / physiological thriller)

- Questions that the viewer find intriguing (included > what the book is for and who the names in the book are? why are they there?)

- Patterns of editing that will be echoed in the remainder of the film ( could say the fast pace of it)

- Mise-en-scene that will be echoed or elaborated upon later in the film (included > the book that the little girl is holding is going to be elaborated on and definitely echoed later on)  

We started by focusing on the film title, which was a simple convention that was essential for the film. We wanted it to relate to the film in a subtle way, which could almost, be an enigma for the audience therefore we chose the name ‘reflection’, I think this worked well as it was in fact a reference to the duality of the little girl.
Some elements we wanted to include were the feeling of distortion to make the audience feel uncomfortable which would reflect our film as being a phychological thriller and have that atmosphere of something not quite right, we done this to set up the mood and tone of our film and I think we set this up well.
Our use of music in our title sequence, I felt was good for our specific genre as it told the audience what the genre, mood and tone was which is a key convention for a title sequence. it also built up the tension within the sequence as it slowly built to a climax.
Using stairs and a mirror are conventions of thriller movies we used these successfully in the sequence and I think that it went well as it created a creepy atmosphere. The mirror gave that duality aspect to the film, which was a subtle hint. The anticipation as you watch her slowly move up the stairs made it feel as if we was watching her and began to feel a little uncomfortable.
The shots in our sequence typically to a phschological thriller play with your mind, I think we did this successfully. Also the repeated use of the flash shot of the figure on the top of the stairs was a code/convention of a title sequence as it echoed throughout the film.
Our aim was to keep the audience wanting more at the end of the sequence, to keep then intrigued and the enigma set up. Which I think we did well as the feed back we got was that people would like to see more.
We kept the enigma going throughout the film as we specificly shot each shot with the camera, never focusing on the whole of her body. this was so that people would want to know who she is and what she’s doing this worked well for the anticipation of the sequence.
We then added one of the main code and convetions of a title sequence which was of course the titles. it took a while to place them correctly and add them all in however I believe we have done this effectively to fit in with our sequence.
It was overall a good experience creating the sequence as a whole and I enjoyed it a lot as I think our hard work paid off in the end.

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

It is hard to pin point a certain social group that our sequence would represent as throughout the sequence the only character is the little girl who does not really apply to a social group however, though the Mise-en-scene we are able to establish that the home  and clothes (uniform) of the little girl are of a middle class family. And therefore our film is targeted at people over the age of 15 who can have more understanding whilst watching. With that in mind we would rate our film as a 15.

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

 We looked into different film companies and researched the films that they distributed in order to find one perfect for our genre of film. We came to a decision that we would use Lionsgate as our chosen film distributer. The reasons for choosing them are; we found that they have distributed films such as the American physco and saw which are similar to our genre being thriller of horror. This meant that they would approve of our film to distribute and we then added the Lionsgate logo at the beginning of out title sequence.

Who would be the audience for your media product?

Our film targeted at people 15+. We chose this age as we thought it would be a good age to not restrict our film as much. We could include more in a 15+ film that we would perhaps be able to in a 12 also  it is targeted at 15+ as the younger generation can fully appreciate the thriller of the film and would love the excitement within however it could also appeal to adults who would understand it more perhaps than a child would. The film appeals to both male and female.

How did you attract/address your audience?

To attract/address  our audience we had to keep them fixed on the sequence so that they would be left wanting to see the film after consuming our title sequence. We wanted to leave them prehaps asking questions and certainly fixated on what is going on.
For me, it was our use of shots that kept that intriguing element.
We used a differentiation within the sequence and it wasnt the same all the way through. We had a few quick shots of the girl on the stairs, which was only seconds long, this meant that the audience were kept amused as they were left to think "what was that?" Also the shot of the girl on the stairs that appeared the same shot but at different angles, was effective to keep the audience intrigued. The quick black and white shot of the girl sitting behind the banister was a refreshing shot for the sequence as well. I believe they work very well in the sequence and each played a main part in keeping the audience drawn in.
Also the music within our sequence was effective as it helped the anticipation. it slowly built up to a climax and we were anticipating what was going to happen, this automatically kept there attention as naturally they want to know.
We had fun editing these elements all together in an effective way so I am pleased to think it was successful.

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

I have learnt about technologies throughout the duration of making this product as we have used different types to what I am used to. before this product I have never edited a piece of work in final cut pro, therefore we had to learn and pick up how it worked and try to adapt to the different tools we could use. Naturally it took a while to grasp how to use it confidently however I feel like I have got use to it and can see that it was useful to learn how to use it properly and am aware that it looks effective for our title sequence. I also learnt about technologies not being so reliable as we experienced quite a few lessons were the macs were extremely slow if there a lot of people on the user which of course gave us less time to get it all finished, also sometimes they would shutdown without warning because of to many people on a way this did help us learn that we need to save our work frequently and not just at the end of the lesson so even with things going wrong with our work we took something away from it that we had learnt.
We also learnt that to get the full effect of what we was trying to achieve in our title sequence, we needed to use a tripod at specific points. It sounds like an obvious statement but because our title sequence was meant to be quite disorientated we didn’t think we would need to use one at certain parts, however we got the same effect we were trying to achieve using a tri pod and it infact turned out better then it did without it.
I also learnt about how garage band work as I have never used it before but we successful managed to create a theme tune for our sequence using it. Now and then it proved to be unreliable as it wouldn’t open on certain macs but overall experience of  using it was good as we learnt how to use it properly.
The main positives of the technologies are that we was able to use so much and as a group/media class we feel privileged that we had these types of technologies at our service and was able to use them so frequently. it benefited our sequence a great deal.

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progress from it to the full product?

Looking back at the preliminary task I feel we have learnt an awful lot. On the first task we was asked to do we had an idea but the product didn’t come out as well as we expected I feel that we did okay in the task as it was one of the first pieces of filming that we did however now we can look back and give our own work constructive criticism straight away.
 We have learnt that we need to research into genre codes conventions etc. of the product we want to achieve this is important as we feel that this helped us a great deal whilst filming our title sequence. We have developed our knowledge on the type of shots to use, the knowledge to know what is effective and what is less effective. In our title sequence we have used shot specifically to set up the eerie atmosphere that we wanted.
The development to be able to work in a team successfully. I think our choice of team members was a big part in how our sequence turned out. I believe we worked extremely well as a group we all participated equal amounts we all had ideas to put into it and all dedicated our free time to finish the product which I am quite happy with as I believe our hard work has paid off.
The main part of our learning progress was defiantly the editing process where we learned the most  whilst filming firstly we had to learn how to use it properly and then we had to use it effectively to benefit our sequence. As we didn’t use final cut pro in our preliminary task at the begginig of the year we were not familiar with it at all therefore I feel that we have done a good job as a team using it and editing was a fun part as well.

Overall I enjoyed making this title sequence as a whole every stage we learnt new things or developed on skills we was already familiar with I think that it has turned out well and although it took time it was worth it in the end.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Start Of The Filming Of Our Title Sequence

These shots are some that we actually filmed its just a start to our sequence we are going to develop it and add some effects and maybe a few more things but this is what we will discuss while editing

Friday, 20 January 2012

The Little Girls Book

This is the front of the book we have purposely made to open on the left side so that we could show some kind of distortion in the child and how she does things

This is the first page we see as the book opens  this represents the girly innocent side of her. We aim to show her duality by slowly revealing her darker side. These early pages are used to see her innocent side so that the reveal of the duality would be more uncomfortable for the audience to watch in contrast to the earlier feeling of comfort and being able to relate to this page.

This is the next page in our book of her house showing innocent yet subtle things to show a change in her character.

This page is the last page featured in the book we chose this page to be the last we see in the book as it creates enigma for the audience and a creepy feeling that again makes the uncomforting for the audience.

Thursday, 19 January 2012


In todays lesson me taylor and Joely completed the rest of the pages in the book whilst megan uploaded and transferred the shots that we filmed in order to start editing. we completed the next page of the book which was of a disturbing game of hang man with the 5 lines which would of spelt out mummy however we have missed out the u in order to keep the audience guessing and also to show that the game is not complete (in reference to the earlier page were the name mummy was circled showing that she would be next. on the actual 'hang man' the little girl has drawn a woman hanging however its not just a stick man hanging its a detailed (for a child) drawing of a lady hanging with red blood on her dress. we used this picture in the book to show the dramatic and very disturbing contrast in the child like pictures featuring in the book showing that the personality of the imaginary friend is becoming more apparent. 
we then printed off an image from the internet of a family in black and white then we screwed the paper up, unscrewed it and carefully burned a space out of the picture. The reason we used a family picture is to tell the audience that this is her family and also the list previously was all the names of people in her family. We screwed it up to show some kind of conflict that may of occurred between the family the finally we burned part of the picture to create the effect that there has been someone in the family who has been burned out as if they are no longer in existence (oliver). 
we are going to meet after 6th form to film the rest of our sequence.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Google calendar

We made google calendars that we could all be connected to the same calendar of which we could access it if we needed to know anything that we were not sure about such as deadlines. it could help when we get to our evaluation also as we could refer back to it as a time line of what we have done. 

Monday, 16 January 2012


in todays lesson we began to create the inside pages of the little girls book that we see at the beginning of the sequence. We all took it in turns to draw and colour separate parts of the pages and each page consisted of a child like drawing as we wanted to show that it is the girls drawing book that we are being shown. We managed to finish three pages in todays lesson. the first page consisted of a child drawing of the outside of her house as it was us who had to do the drawing, we had to take our selfs back to when we was little and think about how we use to draw this helped us a great deal and we managed to draw a house with the blue coloured sky green grass and and round yellow sun in the corner. it appeared to be a very normal Childs drawing of her house however if taking a closer look you could maybe pick out the other elements such as the use of red to show death blood and danger. also we used the smokey chimney which is questionable wether it is a safe innocent part of the drawing. we included the number 2 on the door to subtly hint to the audience the duality within the film.
the second picture we drew was of a girl in the form of how a child would draw it. The audience gets the impression that the girl has drawn herself next to another girl who is totally coloured in with black and her identity is hidden from the audience this immediately becomes an enigma getting the audience questioning who is it? why are they there? why is she coloured in and more. On the third page that we drew in the lesson was of a list of names "that the little girl had written" it looked like a check list and it had names crossed out in red we used it to subtly indicate that they have gone and also names that were circled to show that they are next. we wanted to still show that it was the little girl who had written this so we added small flowers to show the girly innocent side of her in contrast to this quite disturbing list the imaginary friend could of been involved in.  we will continue making the pages for the book in next lesson. we feel that the pictures are effective in showing the themes of our film and keeping the audience interested. 

Friday, 13 January 2012


In todays lesson we have decided that our filming date to finish the shots will be next wednesday straight after school like we did this week. we chose this day as it worked well the first time and was very productive. Also today we have uploaded the the first part of filming that we have done onto the Macs so that it is able to be accessed at anytime when we start to edit. 
For the rest of the lesson i was going to log onto the macs and finish our soundtrack that we have been creating on Garage Band. However it would not let me log in to the Macs today so i have had to wait until the problem is sorted out. I will be sure to save the soundtrack onto a memory stick once the problem is resolved so that this does not happen again and if it does then I will still have our soundtrack saved and able to use it. As result of this for the rest of todays lesson i am using Shaun's laptop so that i can update my blogg and explain what we have been doing today.